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Mille Crepe & Macaron

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  • Valrhona Chocolate Fondant
    Oven-baked chocolate cake that is soft and warm in the center.
    Serve with Vanilla Ice-Cream.
  • Traditional Creme Brulee
    Bakes vanilla egg custard with a layer of crispy caramel on top. Serve with fruits and Vanilla Ice-Cream.
  • Irish Bread & Butter Pudding
    Buttered bread scattered with raisin,and then soaked in homemade milk custard. Serve warm with Vanilla Ice-Cream.
  • Snowy
    Butter crumbles,
    Homemade Strawberry Jam,
    Frozen Mille Crepe Dice,
    Strawberry Sorbet and
    Fresh Strawberries.

    A perfect hot weather dessert!