• Signature Cream of Chicken Pie
    Carbonara Chicken Chunk and Mixed Mushroom topped with crispy puss pastry. Serve with mixed side salad
  • Chicken Ham & Button Mushroom Quiche
    French's savory, cheesy egg tart loaded with chicken ham and button mushroom
  • Croque Madame
    French's classic quick snack. Grilled ham and Cheese Sandwich topped with sunny side up egg. Serve with mixed side salad
  • 7” Thin-Crush Pizzas
    Thinly-knead pizza dough, tomato pizza sause and mozarella cheese
    3 Cheese Galore
    Chicken Ham and Mushroom
    Tomato and Basil Herb

Minced Chicken in
tomato sauce.
The classic choice!

Chicken ham, button
mushroom and chicken
chunks in carbonara sauce.
Maco's Soup
Slowy cooked with fresh, real
ingredient. Thick yet refreshing!
  • Wild Button Mushroom Soup
Serve with garlic toast